Friday, May 31, 2013

WSOP 2013 Fantasy Poker

Hello longtime loyal readers of this blog. We are back for our 3rd installment of WSOP Fantasy Poker. Bigheeb91 is the reigning champion. This year we have the same point structure and bet for the overall winner. The winner will get 50% of a buy-in to either a Venetian Deep Stack event or a WSOP Circuit event that is of their choice and between $300-400. We also are carrying over our Jeff Madsen vs. Erik Seidel Prop bet. Stewman has Seidel and BigHeeb91 has Madsen. Whoever scores a win first the other person owes $300. We are also doing a total wsop cashes bet this year. Each cash is worth $10. The below spreadsheets shows the action through event 3 which is the second open event to reach the money.
Below is totals on the cashes bet. Note that the money won is for players who have busted so this total may not be accurate at time of publishing.

Monday, July 09, 2012

2012 WSOP Fantasy Update

So after 59 events completed the standing look like this.
So as you can see, barring a main event miracle by me, BigHeeb is going to win this year and the $100 bet that goes with it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunday, June 03, 2012

2012 WSOP Fantasy

Hello avid readers of the blog. As you long time loyal readers know, every year BigHeeb and I do a WSOP fantasy pool. We pick twenty players and based on final table results we accrue points. Two years ago I won and last year BigHeeb won. We also have the Jeff Madsen vs Eric Seidel bracelet bet. Since neither won a bracelet last year the bet carry's over and is now $200. Winner of the pool is also $100 with a one drop $1mill event bet yet to happen. The teams are below. Stewman Daniel Negreanu Eugene Katchlov Michael Mizrachi Scott Clements Matt Glantz John Juanda Erik Seidel Sorel Mizzi Nick Schulman Barry Greenstein Jon Turner Josh Arieh Steve Bilirakis Allen Kessler Sam Stein Brock Parker Allen Cunningham Jon Hennigan Sam Trickett John Monnette BigHeeb Phil Ivey Jason Mercier Bertrand Grospellier Shaun Deeb Scott Seiver Phil Hellmuth Dan Kelly Shawn Buchanan Ben Lamb David "Bakes" Baker Tom Dwan Daniel Alai Justin Smith Justin Bonomo Allen Bari Jeffrey Lisandro Robert Mizrachi Joe Cassidy Jonathan Duhamel Vanessa Selbst Results so far
Well three final tables so far I am in the lead but by a small margin. Updates to follow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Stewman is back playing online poker...sort of

What's up peeps. Been off for a while. Haven't played a hand of live poker in two months. Spent early part of summer playing a ton of O8 and one O8 tourney which I final tabled and after making a 5 handed deal, walked away with $2200. I blew a large portion of that in cash games and decided to take a break.

A few days ago I started playing on-line again. Of course, my options are limited and since I'm basically broke, my options were even less. I decided to try out the new free Southpoint poker which gives out prizes including cash and a monthly tourney into the WSOP main event. In my third tournament which was a qualifier into the Big Monday $500 tourney, I finished 2nd out of 254 people. Top ten got seats plus site points which I Presume can get me prizes, not sure. Anyways, I still go the touch for low buy-in or free on-line MTT's. Play was awful as expected early on but I have to say got better as we got deeper. I was 2nd in chips entering the final table and when we got heads up I had a 3-1 cl but after a bad bluff on my part, I was now short stack and could not recover. Monday is the tourney. Not sure what first place gets, probably $100-200. Money is money though. I'll take it.

The software is nothing special but is fine for what it is. I'll play occasionally for some of the nicer prize tourneys. Just good practice to try some new strategies and keep somewhat fresh till I can play live again.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Final standings heading into ME

BigHeeb is currently in the lead by half a point. He has 3 bracelets and 16 FT's.

Stewman has 2 bracelets and 17 FT's.

So unless I FT the ME, BigHeeb should prevail by the slimmest of margins.

Friday, July 01, 2011

New Micros

The Fricke roll is classic!!! Excellent work again!